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Vicky Warburton
Counselling & 
MBACP Registered

Counselling North West and Central Leeds, West Yorkshire 

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Maybe a recent life event is changing how you are in the world. Maybe a past event needs to be worked on and understood.  Maybe you do not feel yourself and are suffering with a change in mood and outlook. 

If you are experiencing difficult and overwhelming feelings, we can work through them together. You will have a space to find some understanding and relief from what is happening to you, without being judged.

Family and friends often try and give advice and make us feel better, but sometimes this can make things more confusing and a more open non-judgemental approach is needed. Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a different way. 

You can choose from face to face, zoom or telephone counselling.  I offer a safe space from where you can feel at ease to express yourself and voice what is troubling you. Together we can work on the process of coping with emotions, thoughts and understanding what is going on for you. Enabling you to live a more satisfying life.

I offer face to face counselling in Leeds, West Yorkshire from LS1, LS16 and LS18; City centre, Cookridge and Horsforth areas. 

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We sit together and you explain what is happening for you.  We will unpick how things are for you, what adds to it and why that might be.  We might look at family, past events and make sense of where you are at presently.  When you are ready, we will shine a light on the things that seem the most unmanageable and we will face this together, safely. Sometimes people experience reoccurring feelings they do not want and cannot seem to move away from.  This is something psychotherapy can offer relief from.

Friends and family will give advice and try to make you feel better but sometimes this is not enough, and we need a deeper understanding to work through our feelings and thought processes that seem to have become entrenched.

I work with longstanding issues or new life events which occur.  My training is in a wide range of areas, and I am therefore able to draw on this to tailor it to you. I do not claim to hold all the answers for your problems, but I can help you to unpick where you are at and help you work toward new perspectives and understanding.  If you are experiencing difficult and frightening feelings, you will have a space to explore these with me and find some understanding and relief from what is happening to you. It is not easy, but it does works. 

Therapy is a healing process.   

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“Don't walk away in silence”


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